Marshall Huckins is an ambitious web developer student currently enrolled in the front-end web developer degree program at Metropolitan Community College. Marshall is set to graduate with his Associate degree in 2022. After he graduates, Marshall plans to work for himself as a web developer helping small businesses create affordable websites to help promote their business. Marshall has learned skills in HTML5, CSS, WordPress, Python and more. He plans to also pursue work in mobile app development.

Marshall has been working in the automotive parts retail world for over 10 years where he has learned valuable skills with communicating with customers, both repeat and new. Working in retail has shown Marshall how each business and each customer has different needs. This has shown Marshall that it is vital to create a relationship with everyone in order to best meet those needs.

When Marshall has free time, he enjoys reading, playing cello, and learning new practices in technology. To learn more about Marshall’s history, please feel free to read his resume by clicking here.